„Copy & Paste” im Reisebericht der Frühen Neuzeit? Intertextualität im „Türkischen Itinerarium” des Johann Georg Metzger (1650)


Anna Huemer


This essay focuses on the intertextual aspects and elements within the travelogue of Johann Georg Metzger, written during his journey from Vienna to the Sublime Porte. He was a member of an imperial diplomatic mission in 1649 led by the famous diplomat Johann Rudolf Schmid zum Schwarzenhorn, and his diary has only recently been discovered in a private archive. Using the example of Johann Georg Metzger's itinerary, the relationship between text and pretext within early modern travelogues will be discussed. Additionally, a “model of intertextuality” based on this case study will be established.


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Huemer, Anna. 2020. „»Copy & Paste« Im Reisebericht Der Frühen Neuzeit?”. Chronica 19 (szeptember), 84-112. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/chronica/article/view/34023.
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