Aspirations politiques françaises en Hongrie après la première guerre (1918-1920)


Miklós Nagy


In commemoration of the centenary of the First World War, we intend to analyse the aspirations of France in the interest of the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The present essay examines the French politics to encourage their Romanian, Serbian and Czechoslovakian „Little Entente allies” to occupy a great part of the Hungarian national territory and to establish their own nation state. First of all we analyse the situation of the minority in the Dual Monarchy and the history of the French military presence in East Central Europe. Furthermore, we highlight the circumstances of the French military occupation in the South-East of Hungary. Finally, we intend to explain the role of the French army in the preparation of a military offensive against the Hungarian Soviet Republic and its part to prevent the conflicts between the Romanian-Serbian allies.


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Nagy, Miklós. 2021. „Aspirations Politiques françaises En Hongrie après La première Guerre (1918-1920)”. Chronica 20 (december):9-21.
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