The Imperium of the Slovaks of the Great Hungarian Plain, 1918–1920


István Tóth


For the bigger part of the First World War, Slovaks emphasized their loyalty to the Hungarian government. From February 1918 on, the Slovak politicians started to activate themselves in the political life. Slovak political parties gathered to hold a confidential meeting on May 26, 1918, where the Slovak National Party was given a mandate for the central representation of the interests of Slovaks. On the other hand, the political climate only became favorable by the end of October 1918 in order to manifest this intention. Contemplating solutions and brooding no longer tying them up, they had a more pressing task at hand: to decide on the form of independent national life. The Slovaks of the Great Hungarian Plain tried to orient themselves, but the international political situation was changing permanently, and for this reason they could not get important information and decisions from abroad, which could help them to make their choice. Thus, they wavered between approaching Serbia, becoming an “independent republic" (The imperium of the Slovaks of the Great Hungarian Plain), and approaching Romania. Finally, the peace talks left the area of their settlements under Hungarian control, which resulted in the immediate exile of exposed individuals. The phrase “their own Slovak Imperium” provided an opportunity though for the occupying Romanian troops. According to Lajos Hrdlička, the occupying Romanian authorities were accommodating in every sense. They were offered a chance for an independent district, “okolie”, the “Imperium Slovenské” (The Imperium of the Slovaks). The Slovaks of Békés and Csanád counties remained inside the borders of mutilated Hungary. Romanian troops were tasked with the occupation of the areas of Békés and Csanád. They successfully began building their own little “imperium”, as the Romanians called it.


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Tóth, István. 2021. „The Imperium of the Slovaks of the Great Hungarian Plain, 1918–1920”. Chronica 20 (december):37-46.
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