Developing English language negotiation skills in employees


Troy B. Wiwczaroski
György Szabados
Anita Pierog


Training programs on negotiation uses a wide range of professional experiences in preparing lawyers, managers, bankers and diplomats to employ key tools and competencies in negotiating with difficult opponents. Human Resource departments at serious organizations identify weaknesses in their employees' negotiation skills profiles and actively offer professional trainings, through which they may pursue the enhancement of the skill sets needed for organizational success in business discussions. The most common lacks in employees are 1) an understanding of the stark differences in levels of negotiation competence and 2) how to negotiate in English. This paper explores factors HRM should consider in tailoring trainings in response.


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Wiwczaroski, Troy B., György Szabados, és Anita Pierog. 2014. „Developing English Language Negotiation Skills in Employees”. TAYLOR 6 (3-4):140-46.