Vizsgálatok egy debreceni tanuló szervezetben = Survey in a learning company in Debrecen


Csilla Juhász


Mihaly Polányi claims that people know more than can tell. In his approach knowledge is almost like in iceberg, the surface of it is defined, aware and transferable knowledge, and its underwater part is hidden, called tacit knowledge. The most important point of the theory of tacit knowledge is that we – by performing different activities – acquire such knowledge, which we gain over the periphery of consciousness. Tacit knowledge is hard to be expressed by words, it depends on personal context, and it may only by aquired by practice sometimes through many years. Polányi believed that tacit knowledge might not be expressed in words, and might not be transferred directly. This study reveals that we may acquire hidden knowledge from corporate culture and values, the transfer of which is a basic need of the new employee, this is why organizations must try to verbalize it.


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Juhász, Csilla. 2015. „Vizsgálatok Egy Debreceni Tanuló Szervezetben = Survey in a Learning Company in Debrecen”. TAYLOR 7 (1-2):58-64.