A biztonsági kultúra szerepe a vezetői döntések támogatásában = The role of safety culture in supporting the leaders' decision making


Kornélia Lazányi


Organisational safety and security has always been an important aspect when
creating and developing organisational systems and processes. However, increased
regulation and control of processes do not always serve as secure means of
protection against threats on organisational safety and security, since most of the
time they are issued post hoc, after the security incident has occurred and hence
are not able to provide aid to decision makers when the specific incident occurs.
Present paper endeavours to assess safety incidents and their management as a decision making process and intends to prove that in such cases, under unpreceded circumstances the best possible mean of providing guidance (not necessarily on a cognitive level) is the organisational culture. Safety culture is capable of influencing the organisational members' perception, values and alertness and hence makes adequate decisions - supporting the survival and prosperity of the organisation - even in case of non-precedential unique problem situations possible.


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Lazányi, Kornélia. 2016. „A biztonsági Kultúra Szerepe a vezetői döntések támogatásában = The Role of Safety Culture in Supporting the leaders’ Decision Making”. TAYLOR 8 (1):143-50. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/taylor/article/view/12993.
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