An approach to the CSR activity of foreign banks in Jordan


Yehia Al-Daaja
György Norbert Szabados


The companies’ social responsibility (CSR) gains an increasing importance in Jordan after the State abandonment for many of its economic, social and service roles, where numerous companies seek to adopt social responsibility active programs taking into account the conditions and challenges facing the society. There is no doubt that the social responsibility is the main pillar and a significant instrument to alleviate the globalization dominance and financial and economic crises, also the interest in social responsibility has
become a prerequisite for reducing poverty through the economic institutions engagement. In this study we intend to focus on the CSR activity from a general point of view of the state and also to emphasize its importance through the practice of some foreign banks in Jordan. The study found that foreign banks sector focuses on activities in the health and education areas where it took the largest share of support and take the partnership character with governmental organizations and specific local institutions with lack of mechanism for final assessment.


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Al-Daaja, Yehia, és György Norbert Szabados. 2017. „An Approach to the CSR Activity of Foreign Banks in Jordan”. TAYLOR 9 (3-4):142-49.