A mikro- és kisvállalkozások uniós támogatási rendszerének problémái Nyugat-Dunántúlon = Problems of the European Union support scheme of micro and small-enterprises in the Western Transdanubia

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Zoltán Varga


Due to the accession to the EU, the possibilities of receiving European Union resources have opened up. A great number of the tenders launched by the government reaches the SMS-sector delayed. However, there are promoter and tender monitoring firms, the expenses of applying them cannot be covered by the SMS-sector. On the basis of the received replies it can be stated that tenders are called for a given region, consequently, they cannot be applied for in numerous cases. Tendering deadlines are short from publishing to submission, therefore, submission of the tender fails in many cases. The tenders usually relate to range of activities, which is also grounds for refusal. The system is slow and bureaucratic. The European Union resources influence financing of the businesses, but due to the fact the continuous development resources cannot be granted. Tenders are restricted to a limited strata owing to the current tender system. As a result of the bureaucracy, the tendering funds are allocated to too many areas, therefore the efficiency of the capital acquired by the funds deteriorates significantly.

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