A Magyar Telekom mint nemzeti fő támogató szponzori szerepvállalása a 2017-es Vizes Világbajnokság felkészülési időszakában = Hungarian Telekom sponsorship and sport CSR activity in case of Fina World Championship long before the opening ceremony of the events

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Ágnes Bene Mariann Móré Réka Gerhát


Hungary hosts the 2017 FINA World Championships and Master’s Championships, one of the world’s largest sport event. Hungarian Telekom is the principal Official National Sponsor of the occasions. The main purpose of this study with using a new methodology is to examine how this support fits to the sport-related CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities of the company; what kind of aspects, with regards to the scope of social responsibility, may this sponsorship have. What kind of linkage can be reveal with the Deutsche Telekom as mother company’ s philosophy behinde the sponsorship strategies. The next generation is considered, by the Hungarian Telekom, as being the mostly interested in the company’s sustainable operation. Tailored survey has been developed in order to reveal their opinion with regards to the topic. The other part of the research took place in the most populous university of Hungary, 6 month before the official opening ceremony of the Championships. This study also aims, with the results of the research, to collect and summarize the lessons-learned for the Hungarian Telekom, and for the next generation itself.

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