Teljes körű minőségmenedzsment és lean menedzsment - a vezetők szerepe = Total quality management and lean management - the role of leadership

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Richárd Kása Richárd Szántó Dávid Losonci


Both of the modern production paradigms total quality management (TQM) and lean management promise considerable performance improvements. So, the number of organizations adapting these paradigms have increased significantly in the last decades. However, many of these efforts do not necessarily result in better performing organizations. There are many viable reasons for the failures of adaption efforts, eg., lack of supporting culture, inadequate human resource management, lack of leaders. Our study focuses on leadership and management issues of lean and TQM. We concluded that there are only a few studies about these topics, and the number of those studies is even scarcer that combine the management/leadership and operations management literature. Our work gives a systematic review of these conceptual and empirical works and suggest fertile research topics and directions for future research, eg., lean studies should focus on leadership styles and apply quantitative methods; TQM works should emphasize performance, self-development and goal setting related tasks and rely on qualitative methods to a greater extent.

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