Termelésvezetők lean termelési környezetben - vezetői képességek és módszerek = Production managers in lean plants - management capabilities and methods

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Dávid Losonci Richárd Kása Richárd Szántó


Lean production has become one of the most influencing paradigms in Operations Management. It is highlighted that beyond adaption of production techniques complete transformation of management and leadership is also essential part of lean journey. Our empirical study compares competences (11 items) and methods (12 items) of production managers in lean and non-lean production environment using the dataset of Hungarian Competitiveness Research Center from the year 2009. The analyses of about 70 manufacturing units have revealed that there are only minor differences in competences (communication, IT knowledge) and methods (planning, motivating, accountability). Our results clearly contradict our expectations assuming major differences in the patterns of competencies and methods and make us think about the real embeddedness of lean thinking in these organizations.

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