Projektmenedzsment Magyarországon - tanulságos esetek a távoli múltból és a közelmúltból = Project management in Hungary - instructive cases from the distant past and from the recent past

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Péter Novoszáth


The aim of this study is to look at country-relevant projects from the distant past and from the recent past. Evaluate them based on the technical specifications of modern project management science in order to point out critical points, areas, errors that can determine the fate, successful completion or failure of a project. Among other things, this paper presents some of the major features of the Lánchíd and M1/M15 projects, such as the Pest-Vác and Pest-Szolnok railway lines, the construction of the Chain Bridge. Recently, projects for the construction of the M5, M6 motorways and the Budapest Sports Arena. In addition, the study includes a recent analysis of recent prison building, education and stadium construction projects as well as the 4th Metro project. The primary goal is to take into consideration the potential hazards, risks, mistakes, the typical typology of the previously constructed projects such as the reconstruction of the metro line 3, the construction of the new Puskás Ferenc stadium and the Budapest superstore and the modernization of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line. Our aim is to develop a coherent system for the future projects that will be implemented, which could help the projects planned in the future to achieve a much more economical and effective implementation than at present.

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