A szociológia biológiai problémái


Gabriella Szirbik


I began reading with great excitement after the title of the article the scientific
paper published in the 50 th issue of “Magyar Letter” which was written by Katalin
Mund. According to the paper the topic deals with not the domain problems of
biology and sociology, but :” mostly the other main cause of biological warfare, i.e.
with the question of its political usage.” [Mund 2003]. Unfortunately, this part of
the problem is worth a mass, as the author gives a clear and correct explanation.
We were naïve to believe that the nurture-nature question is no longer a question, it
is the problem only of the “old” psychology and books on sociology; it describes
the fundamental ratio of human nature in full detail. In spite of this we considernot
to be involved totally- to continue this debate in an other way, because the
change in handling the question (on behalf of sociologist) cab be realized only on
the basis of special arguments. Our paper may help to clarify these arguments, of
course without a perfect answer.


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Szirbik, Gabriella. 2006. „A szociológia biológiai problémái”. Acta Sana 1 (1):52-61. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/actasana/article/view/18375.
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