Török kereskedők nehézségei a kuruc korban - avagy hogyan ne kereskedjünk Magyarországon a Rákóczi-szabadságharc idején


Hajnalka Tóth


At the beginning of the year 1707 sixty Muslim and Greek merchants arrived from Belgrade and Temesvár to Szeged to sell their goods in Hungary. They paid the usual duties, then got permission from General Johann Friedrich Globitz to go to Kecskemét. However, the raiding Serbian Hussars and Haiduks of Commander Constantin von Kobila attacked the city of Kecskemét and not sparing even the Turkish merchants robbed the city, killed or captured its inhabitants. Among the Muslim and Greek merchants 55 were massacred and their possessions were taken away.
In this study I examine the antecedents and causes of this unprecedented case. Besides I present the evolving diplomatic strife between the insurgent Kuruc and the Ottomans, and between the Habsburgs and the Ottomans; namely how the frontier Turkish officials, Elci Ibrahim and Ali Pashas of Temesvár from one side, and General Dietrich Nehem of Pétervárad and his trustee, secretary and interpreter, Johann Adam Lachowitz from the other side tried to represent their interests and to settle the case. The deal gives a glimpse to frontier conditions in Hungary after the expulsion of the Ottomans, who remained parts of everyday life.


Hogyan kell idézni
Tóth, Hajnalka. 2018. „Török kereskedők nehézségei a Kuruc Korban - Avagy Hogyan Ne kereskedjünk Magyarországon a Rákóczi-szabadságharc idején”. Acta Historica (Szeged) 143 (december), 87-106. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/acthist/article/view/31670.
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