Az Edgar Poe-i életérzés Ady Endre költészetében II. : motívumvizsgálat

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István Papp


This paper is continuation of another essay (Edgar Poe's Awareness of Life in the Poetry of Endre Ady) published in our previous review. r It tries to analyse the poetical pictures reflecting dissapointment mainly in two Ady's volume: in Új versek and in Vér és arany. The author studies the formal and inner expanding of "lake" and "witeness" poetical pictures as representation of purity. He proves that these pictures in Ady's first and second volume join with the poetry at the end of the century, and they are traced back to Romanticism and poetry of Poe. These pictures are remained in Ady's later poetry as well but they are transformed and get new meaning.

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Papp, I. (1978). Az Edgar Poe-i életérzés Ady Endre költészetében II. : motívumvizsgálat. Acta Historiae Litterarum Hungaricarum, 16, 71-80. Elérés forrás
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