"Érzékeny dalok" vagy "poétai román?" : Csokonai Lilla-ciklusának kötetkompozíciója

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Mária Zentai


The two opposing phrases of the title refer to the same work, the so called Lilla-cycle of Csokonai, and both of them were given by the poet himself. Literary criticism traditionally has preferred the second, giving a narrative interpretation to the series of love poems. The present study reveals such structural principles in the cycle which are characteristic of lyrical works (e. g. sequences of thematical and formal variations, or chiastic arrangements). The composition itself brings to light and emphasizes the sad and beautiful love- and time-philosophy of the cycle.

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Zentai, M. (1988). "Érzékeny dalok" vagy "poétai román?" : Csokonai Lilla-ciklusának kötetkompozíciója. Acta Historiae Litterarum Hungaricarum, 25, 91-108. Elérés forrás https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/ahlithun/article/view/22578
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