Fogyatékos személyek teljesítményértékelésének gyakorlata

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Juhász Csilla


Performance management is one of the most important fields of management. For the evaluation of it, I have worked out a questionnary. With the help of the questionnaire I intended to ask about the importance and method of performance evaluation.
Based on my examinations I found, that in managers opinions the best way to appraisal disabled person was the individual appraisial. This result is not a suprise, because of disabled persons.
Because of the managers' practise there was a difference in opinions. But in theirs opinion the most important possibility was the individual appraisal too. It is nonsense to expect self appraisal from a mentally handicapped person. Examinations show that organizations mainly apply traditional systems and think by the traditional aspect.


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Juhász, Csilla. 2009. „Fogyatékos személyek teljesítményértékelésének Gyakorlata”. Jelenkori Társadalmi és Gazdasági Folyamatok 4 (1):100-106.
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