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Vol. 16 No. 1-4 (2023)

Published: 02/27/2023

Comparative evaluation of the material of the artificial levees

A case study along the Tisza and Maros Rivers, Hungary

Diaa Sheishah, György Sipos, Károly Barta, Enas Abdelsamei, Alexandru Hegyi, Alexandru Onaca, Abbas M. Abbas


Shoreline Change Analysis of the Eastern Coast of Ghana between 1991 and 2020

Dzifa Adimle Puplampu, Khiddir Iddris, Victor Alorbu, Jonathan Otumfuor Asante, Judges Laar Takaman, Alex Barimah Owusu


Spatial Diagnosis and Conceptualisation of Greening Plan of Seme-Podji, Benin (West Africa)

Abdel Aziz Osseni, Gbodja Houéhanou François Gbesso, Ghislain Comlan Akabassi, Bokon A. Akakpo


Woody Plants Interaction with Aerosol Fine Particulate Matters and Copper in Budapest

Haimei Chen, Levente Kardos, Veronika Szabo, Diószegi Magdolna, Peter Honfi


The Importance of Protein Fingerprints in Bacterial Identification

The Maldi-Tof Technique

Ali Haider, Marianna Ringer, Zsolt Kotroczó, Csilla Mohácsi-Farkas, Tamás Kocsis


Carbon Isotope Investigation of Freshwater Tufa Precipitation in Karst Streams of Bükk Mountains (Hungary)

Barbara Bódai, Balázs Áron Baráth, Virág Gergely, Dávid Sóvágó, Mihály Braun, István Futó, Sándor Kele, Mihály Molnár


Effect of climate and habitat on morphological characteristics and fruit production of Picralima nitida (Stapf) in West Africa

Ghislain Comlan Akabassi, Elie Antoine Padonou, Gbodja Houéhanou François Gbesso, Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Noël Zirihi Guede


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