Iskolai könyvtári gyakorlat másképpen Felkészülés/felkészítés könyvtárhasználati versenyekre


Nyírő Gizella


I started to supervise librarian students' library practicum in PTE FEEK Library and IT Institute in 2008. During these years students of librarian informatics, librarian teachers and Hungárián major visited Deák's school library. The students were acquainted with everyday life of the library, usual librarian tasks, and the official papers of the library. These were The Regulating system, The Pedagogical Programme, Talents' Development Programme, Work schedule, Reports, Library development programme... Students took part of aftemoon programmes, they organized lessons in our three sections: lower primary, upper primary and secondary branch. Gradually they got individual tasks and could come up with their own ideas which were built in the sections, so we started to organize library usage competition about national writers who had anniversary. They alsó joined in both Klimo György county and Bod Péter country library usage competitions with great success.


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Nyírő, G. (2018). Iskolai könyvtári gyakorlat másképpen: Felkészülés/felkészítés könyvtárhasználati versenyekre. Módszertani Közlemények, 58(1), 17–22. Elérés forrás
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