Tehetséggondozás LÜK-játékkal az 1. és a 2. osztályos tanulók tanítási óráin Logika, ügyesség, kreativitás, motiváció, tanulás


Bondor Mónika


During the course of my teaching activities 1 find it important to develop a child's cogni-tive abilities in a playful manor. It's important to keep instruction dynarnic and engaging to avoid boredom from setting in. Curriculum is therefore designed to be motivational, trigger curiosity and lead the student to a successful learning experience. I chose the MiniLÜK activity books in the past acedemic year for lth and 2nd grade classes to increase their engagement, simplify instruction and to create a playful atmos-phere. The MiniLÜK Playfamily is the most recognized in the MiniLÜK System. The as-signment requires the children to match 12 different squares to a corresponding mátrix. If the problems are solved correctly a color pattern results on the back of the squares which the child can use to check if they have completed the exercise correctly. The MiniLÜK activity system allows children to solve problems independently, together in small groups (based on instructions recieved from their instructor) and the system can alsó be used to assist students who need additonal preactice to master certain concepts. My study shows how the various MiniLÜK exerecises can be used for mathematics and language instruction, how it enforces the development of these skill sets.


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Bondor, M. (2017). Tehetséggondozás LÜK-játékkal az 1. és a 2. osztályos tanulók tanítási óráin: Logika, ügyesség, kreativitás, motiváció, tanulás. Módszertani Közlemények, 57(3), 15–20. Elérés forrás https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/modszertani-kozlemenyek/article/view/35459
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