Amiről a vizek mesélnek... Fenntarthatóéletmód-tábor gyerekeknek


Juhász M. Tünde


The biggest challenge for the man of today is to creat and to maintain a healthy and ade-quate drinkingwater. Therefore, we organized a camp for school children, where we fo-cused on water saving and conscious use of water. The 10-15-year-olds were our target group, because we thought that they are the most receptive to informations and alterna-tives. The camp has successfully linked the theoretical and practical skills, and has förmed attitudes to be followed which can ensure the sustainability. Sustainability is a corner-stone of environmental protection, especially with regard to drinking water supply. This study presents the events and the tasks of the five-day camp.


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Juhász, M. T. (2015). Amiről a vizek mesélnek.: Fenntarthatóéletmód-tábor gyerekeknek. Módszertani Közlemények, 55(1), 33–41. Elérés forrás
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