Tantárgyi koncentráció az ének-zenében, ének-zene a tantárgyi koncentrációban Egy tanítási gyakorlat tapasztalatai


Virág Barnabás


'Concentration on subjects' means to emphasize and highlight the interfaces of the vari-ous subjects through the students' interactive participation. It basically has two main conditions, curriculum comes first and it is followed by ongoing discussions among the teachers. During my teaching practice when I taught the styles in music literature then I intend to let the students imagine themselves in the people's situation of that propier epoch. They could immerse in the comprehension of the political situation of the age, of the world of gastronomy, of fashion and art, and of architecture as well. Realization of that kind of complexity is not strengthen by the curriculum at all. Conundrums referring to the words from the song gave opportunity to Integrate other subjects in music educa-tion. New learning material was berhymed and taught as a song for students during the lesson on library use, that allowed a playful memorization of the newly acquired knowledge. I argue the interdependence of the things in the world even if the students are sometimes indifferent. We should not accept it but rather search for those keys which open the gates of their hearts and mind through which culture may enter. Dare to try new ways.


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Virág, B. (2015). Tantárgyi koncentráció az ének-zenében, ének-zene a tantárgyi koncentrációban: Egy tanítási gyakorlat tapasztalatai. Módszertani Közlemények, 55(1), 1–7. Elérés forrás https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/modszertani-kozlemenyek/article/view/35519
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