Kötelező irodalom a XXI. században Berg Judit Rumini című könyvének feldolgozása projektmódszerrel


Kukk Ibolya


The main aim of Common Core Curriculum is to educate pupils for readers, which can not be solved just by the traditional required reading list The language of these readings is often archaic, the stuctures are complicated. These kind of things leads to the conclusion that young pupils do not feel desire for reading. In contemporary works events and characters are more tinged. In the stories there are more adventures and the plots are more pronounced, than in required readings. Pu-pils can identify themselves with these heroes easily, because they are avearage. In my course I presented Rumini, the book, written by Judit Berg in a special way. I wrote up this story using a kind of cooperative technique. I tried to take a crack at reading true life, and I improved my pupils' vocabulary, fantasy and sociable and other competencies. I re-alized the integration among subjects.


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Kukk, I. (2014). Kötelező irodalom a XXI. században: Berg Judit Rumini című könyvének feldolgozása projektmódszerrel. Módszertani Közlemények, 54(4), 1–12. Elérés forrás https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/modszertani-kozlemenyek/article/view/35536
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