Elvárások és elégedettség = Expectancy and satisfaction


Csilla Juhász


The purpose of this paper is to understand how works expectancy theory more specifically, the valence - instrumentality — expectancy (VIE) model. I supposed that there is a contact between expectancy and satisfaction. In mainstream economic literature, the supremacy of the economic motive is taken for granted; people are expected to act in ways to maximize their profits. My aim was to understand the components and consequences of motivation through application of expectancy theory, and satisfaction of employer and employee. I have found that satisfaction caused by many factors of expectancy. Based on the result of my research I recommend that human resource managers should create an empowering working environment that is intrinsically and extrinsically motivating, with the aim of bringing out the best in their employees.


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Juhász, Csilla. 2016. „Elvárások és elégedettség = Expectancy and Satisfaction”. TAYLOR 8 (3):58-64. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/taylor/article/view/13021.
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