Munkavállalói attitűdök és az ipar 4.0


Gábor Dr. Szabó-Szentgróti
Bence Végvári


One of the most controversial topic’s of the labour market is the workplace effects of automation, and it’s impacts. Industry 4.0 and automation could bring enormous change in the near-future, both in the economy, and in the labour market. The effects of these changes – positive, and negative ones too – are depending on different factors: the pace of automation, effective laws, the preparedness and attitude of countries, companies, and employees will all play a role in the impacts of Industry 4.0. In this research, we are trying to find out how the Hungarian employees think about the topic’s biggest questions, and how do they relate to automation, concerning their own job, and the labour market as a whole. In this research we found that the interviewed employees have a more positive view on the possible future impacts of automation, than what international researches suggest, and that they mostly think of automation as an opportunity, and not as a threat.


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Dr. Szabó-Szentgróti, Gábor, és Bence Végvári. 2020. „Munkavállalói attitűdök és Az Ipar 4.0”. TAYLOR 12 (1):109-22.