Munkaerő-megtartási stratégiák és kihívások élelmiszerfeldolgozóipari példán keresztül


Gábor Dr. Szabó-Szentgróti
Martin Gelencsér


Based on the peculiarities of today’s labor market, we can see quite a lot of research papers about labor shortage, labor force fluctuaction and employee retention. Most of these papers are based on the aspects of the employer. This research focuses on analyzing and evaluating the most commonly used labor retention techniques used by companies. The publishers were trying to find out which factors were the most important in earning and employee’s loyalty, to strenghten a company’s employee retention. Based on the research, we can identify having a steady job as one of the most important factors, and that (material) benefits are not as important, as they used to be. To lower fluctuation and to strenghten labor retention, an important first step is to create an adequate workplace atmosphere, in which the main role falls to the leadership, and to affiliative coworkers. The fact that different measures will have different results can also be determined. There is a difference between the preferences of different labor groups, which makes the assessment of every worker’s individual need a company’s necessity, in hope of effective labor retainment.


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Dr. Szabó-Szentgróti, Gábor, és Martin Gelencsér. 2020. „Munkaerő-megtartási stratégiák és kihívások élelmiszerfeldolgozóipari példán keresztül”. TAYLOR 12 (1):123-39.