Teacher Competence Frameworks In Myanmar And Hungary


Gabriella Éva Keczer
Aye Aye Myint Lay


Teacher competence framework is a quality improvement tool to regulate continuous professional development activities and to support ethical professional behavior. The aim of this study is to analyze and compare teacher competence frameworks in Myanmar and Hungary, thus, to examine the similarities and differences in two systems. It can be concluded that TCFs were established with international inspiration and support in both countries, in 2006 in Hungary, in Myanmar a decade later. TCFs provide the standards that teachers are to attain at the different stages of their careers and professional growth in both systems. But while in Myanmar there is one single framework, in Hungary there are two separate (although similar) sets of competences: one for teacher appraisal and promotion and one for setting the expected learning outcomes in teacher education. The content of the Myanmar and the Hungarian frameworks, i.e. the teacher competencies are very similar, though in Hungary the later modifications included some new competencies.


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Keczer, Gabriella Éva, és Aye Aye Myint Lay. 2020. „Teacher Competence Frameworks In Myanmar And Hungary”. TAYLOR 12 (1):64-77. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/taylor/article/view/34031.