Szenna, a kadarkúti kistérség kulturális márkája


Anett Takács
Imola Walter


Szenna is a touristically and culturally significant village in the Zselic region. Its advantages stem from its vicinity to the city of Kaposvár, the active presence of urban intellectuals and the natural and cultural heritage of the village itself. Natural attractions of note are the Szenna Heritage Trail, the Wildflower trail, the Deer-Farm and the Szász Íriszkert Garden Centre. As to its cultural sights the skanzen with its Calvinist church, the farmhouse museum (aunt Zókapeti Lidi’s house) are truly worth visiting. Furthermore, the Szenna Skanzen, being a village-museum within a living village, is one of its kind in the county of Somogy. All these outstanding features certainly qualify Szenna for the title “The Cultural Brand of the Region.”


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Takács, Anett, és Imola Walter. 2014. „Szenna, a Kadarkúti kistérség kulturális márkája”. Köztes-Európa 6 (2-3):217-28.