Zenei hatások kutatása a magzati időszaktól az óvodáskorig (0-7 éves kor) = Research on effect of music from foetal period until pre-school age (0-7 years old)


Alexandra Haffner-Kiss


Europa Cantat XIX international choir festival was held in Pécs between July 24– August 2, 2015. 5,000 choir singers, who love to sing, came to the festival in our city. After the closing of the choir meeting, Zoltán Balogh minister of Human Resources set the goal that students should sing more in the schools as well because knowing the culture can help the rising generation to perform better even in everyday life. The main topic of my research is how music is affecting children’s development. I review the positive intellectual development on children from the foetal period to primary school children by also examining children living in disadvantaged social conditions. In the first phase of my research, I review the theoretical background of transfer effects and my ultimate goal is to reveal how instrumental music education can be incorporated into public education.


Hogyan kell idézni
Haffner-Kiss, Alexandra. 2017. „Zenei hatások kutatása a Magzati időszaktól Az óvodáskorig (0-7 éves Kor) = Research on Effect of Music from Foetal Period until Pre-School Age (0-7 Years Old)”. Köztes-Európa 9 (1-2):343-49. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/vikekke/article/view/12771.