India’s outward and inward foreign direct investment - post liberalization period = India külső és belső külföldi közvetlen beruházása - post liberalizációs időszak


Devesh Singh


Research identifies and discusses inward and outward foreign direct investment after the post-liberalization period. Trade investment policies played a critical role in encouraging and facilitating the OFDI (outward FDI Inflow). The Indian liberalization period has three phases, the first in 1992 when India opened the market for the world, the second phase of liberalization was undertaken by way of FEMA (1999) beginning, which is the major change in India’s forex regulation act. The third is 2014 when India reanalyzed the FDI policy and promoted as a manufacturing hub to the world. India in 2016 was placed the ninth on global IFDI ranking and attracted global attention. OFDI, with a large number of motivation, strategies along with the series of policy liberalization and series of deregulation are the driving force required to enhance this OFDI outflow from India. This paper compares the inward and outward FDI flow of the post-liberalization period.


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Singh, Devesh. 2018. „India’s Outward and Inward Foreign Direct Investment - Post Liberalization Period = India külső és Belső külföldi közvetlen beruházása - Post liberalizációs időszak”. Köztes-Európa 10 (1), 87-93.
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