Description of the agricultural development in Vietnam and Theasean Countries (south east asian countries) = A mezőgazdasági fejlődés Vietnámban és Dél-Kelet-Ázsia országaiban

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Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy László Vasa


Nowadays agricultural development still plays an important role for many countries in the world, especially for the agriculture-based countries. In this case, Vietnam is one of this kind of agricultural countries and is one of a member state of ASEAN countries where almost all countries are based on the agricultural advantages, natural conditions of tropical weather for socio-economic development. As the statement in the World development report 2008 - “Agriculture for Development” of the World Banksays: “The case for using the powers of agriculture for poverty reduction and as an engine of growth for the agriculture-based countries is still very much alive today… New opportunities for realizing this potential are present today, but also coming are new challenges…” (The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank, 2007:44). Therefore this topic would like to find a diversification of agricultural development in Vietnam and the ASEAN countries by using FAOSTAT, related reviews in a scope of the significant and necessary threshold of the primary sector in the economy - Agriculture.

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