Regional renewable energy potential in Hungary : the case of Koppany Valley = A megújuló energia regionális potenciáljának lehetőségei Magyarországon : Koppány völgye példáján


Alexander Titov
B. H. Kovács


Koppany Valley is the target region within the framework of the RuRES research project. Using relevant literature the authors draw their attention to the regional renewable energy potential’s estimation taking into consideration the best Hungarian practices in this field. The aim of the paper is the analysis of the specific territorial data on renewable energy sources particularly appropriate for Koppany Valley including solar and biomass regional potentials. From the other point of view the authors recognise the necessity to investigate the structure of energy consumption of Koppany Valley based purely on statistical data. The authors conclude with recommendations for the energy efficiency improvement towards green local society development.


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Titov, Alexander, és B. H. Kovács. 2018. „Regional Renewable Energy Potential in Hungary : The Case of Koppany Valley = A Megújuló Energia regionális potenciáljának lehetőségei Magyarországon : Koppány völgye példáján”. Köztes-Európa 10 (1), 119-24.
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