The greek financial crisis: internal impact and its external effects on Europe = A görög gazdasági válság: belső és az Európára gyakorolt külső hatások


Firas Najib Zeidan


The Greek Debt Crisis started in October 2010 when Greece took the decision to enter the Euro Zone, which is considered to be the second largest economic power in the world after the United States. The problem increased in Greece between the previous government and the new government with a budget deficit of 13.6% and that its debt was 163% of its GDP. Based on the above, the problem of this paper revolves around the following question: What are the causes of the financial crisis and what are the internal impact and external effects on the euro area?


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Zeidan, Firas Najib. 2018. „The Greek Financial Crisis: Internal Impact and Its External Effects on Europe = A görög gazdasági válság: Belső és Az Európára Gyakorolt külső hatások”. Köztes-Európa 10 (1), 135-43.
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