„Hogyan lehet szeretni a hazát?” „HOW TO LOVE ONE’S HOMELAND?”


Csaba Máté Sarnyai


Before turning to the subject matter of our paper, the relevant biographical aspects need to be mentioned, such as the 1919 period of his career.

Through his interview given to Gyula Juhász in late January 1919, we also examine his relation to the secular and ecclesiastic radical movements that were emerging at the time.

Then, two of his sermons are inspected with the intention of establishing Zadravecz’s possible answer to our titular question.

Lastly, the above sources are interpreted with regard to his presumed criterion and value system, and to his view on man and society. Reflecting on the later ideological developments of the Horthy era, the above are extended to how his ideas can be viewed as an early articulation of the Christian-national program that later became known as the ‘Szeged thought’.


Hogyan kell idézni
Sarnyai, Csaba Máté. 2021. „„Hogyan Lehet Szeretni a hazát?”: »HOW TO LOVE ONE’S HOMELAND?«”. Köztes-Európa 12 (2.):63-73. https://ojs.bibl.u-szeged.hu/index.php/vikekke/article/view/33198.