The journal publishes original papers presenting new scientific results as well as reviews on each field of agriculture, agricultural economics, rural development and their related topics.


Vol. 11 No. 1-2 (2022)

Published: 2022-12-15

Opportunities and challenges for pig production in Vientiane Capital, Laos

a review

Somsy Xayalath, Mujitaba Malam Abulbashar, Arth David Sol V. Ortega, Jozsef Rátky


Study of chemical control options against chestnut blight disease

Andrea Cheradil, Gabor Tarcali, Kitti Csüllög, Mariem Boukhili


Effect of actions supported by the National Game Management Fund according to the hunters in Hungary

Zsolt Biró, Krisztián Katona, Mihály Márton, Gergely Schally, Sándor Csányi


Food security in a changing climate world

Andrea Feher, Miroslav Raicov, Ioan Brad, Cosmina Simona Toader, Claudia Elena Sirbulescu, Rhida Ben Saleh


Economic effects of environmental change on the rural areas

Árpád Ferencz, Levente Komarek, Anita Csiba, Zsuzsanna Deák


Evaluation of Short Food Supply Chains in a rural area

Levente Komarek, Árpád Ferencz, Anita Csiba


Bioactive constituents and shelf-life of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) leaves

Judit Tarekné Tilistyák, Zoltán Cziáky, István Hegedüs, Mohamed Tarek


Aspects regarding the role of investments and the business environment in economic development

Claudia Sirbulescu , Luminita Pirvulescu , Iasmina Iosim , Andrea Feher, Ciprian Rujescu


Comparison of different substrates for organic seedling production

Anna Divéky-Ertsey, László Csambalik, Péter Pusztai, Krisztina Madaras, Izóra Gál


The Genetic diversity assessment of new potato varieties of different maturity groups by SSR markers

Larysa Prysiazhniuk, Tetiana Sonets, Yuliia Shytikova, Svitlana Hryniv


Humour in food advertising

Iasmina Iosim, Gabriela Popescu, Anka Suba, Claudia Sirbulescu, Carmen Dumitrescu


Local gastronomic business - premise for the development of Romanian gastronomic tourism

Cosmina-Simona Toader, Andrea Ana Feher, Manuela-Dora Orboi, Daniela Crainic , Luminita Pirvulescu


The effect of toxic elements on the microanatomy of the leaves of the Salix alba L.

Csilla Tóth, György Vincze, Katalin Irinyiné Oláh, Zsuzsanna Uri, Szabolcs Vigh, László Simon


Impact of heavy metal polluted wastewater sediment on element content and enzyme activity of Sudan grass

György Vincze, Zsuzsanna Uri, Csilla Tóth, Katalin Irinyiné Oláh, Szabolcs Vigh, László Simon


Can the distribution of red fox burrows indicate the chafer larvae density?

Mihály Márton, Miklós Heltai, László Szabó


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