Composition of grape varieties of the plantation areas and guest nights in commercial accommodation establishments in wine regions

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Hungary is one of Europe's traditional wine-producing countries. The grape and wine industry has a significant role in rural areas in culture, gastronomy, tourism and social life. Hungary has 22 wine regions in seven distinct regions. The main data on the wine regions, the grape varieties of the plantation areas as well as the guest nights in commercial accommodation establishments will be presented.

The diverse and varied state of wine regions has been formulated by varied topography, soil and weather conditions, different crop production methods as well as by the local possibilities. The composition of grape varieties in a given region is significantly heterogeneous, which makes integrated action towards purchasers rather difficult.

It would be advisable to select and promote a desirable type or types of wine for each wine region since it would greatly support sales and marketing activities.

The grape and wine sector is among the strategic areas for improvement in Hungary. It is important to emphasize that the future of the wine sector cannot be achieved without cooperation, the potentials of which will be referred to. I am convinced that this analysis will help assess wine regions and determine viable development options.

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