Buying local? Who, what, why?

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Carmen Simona Dumitrescu


The National Rural Development Programme for the period 2014-2020 through its priorities and interest domains refers to local products and short supply chains in order to increase the competitiveness of local primary producers and the added value of agro-alimentary and non-alimentary products, and to promote on local markets through short supply chains, producers groups and organizations. Local food can have many benefits for the actors involved in the short supply chain, more precisely producers, middlemen and  consumers, but also for the local economy in its all.

The local market from Timisoara is provided by many local producers from rural area that are producing and selling a varied number of alimentary and non-alimentary products. The case study is oriented towards the brief analysis of alimentary local products’ consumers and its aim is to realise a profile of local food consumer through underlining the aspects regarding the reasons why they are buying such products, the place from where they buy, but also aspects regarding the implications and benefits the consume can have.

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