General innovation framework and the innovation expectations of rural actors

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Cosmin Sălășan
Sebastian Moisa
Ioana M. Bălan
Carmen Dumitrescu


The analysis of the general and the further-on more specific innovation framework targeting the rural area and the rural economy begins by screening the general statistic data and continues by an in-depth investigation of the options and opinions of relevant rural actors at the scale of a well-defined rural micro region, in our case a Local Action Group territory. The choice of the local scale should build on the previously acquired experience in project-based developments and the general high favourability for rural development for the specific region. The moment of the investigation is also an observation choice linked to the specific inputs of information and advice during the sessions of information and animation requested during the formulation stage of the future Local Development Strategies. The moment is highly relevant since it places the overall accessible support framework in the development perspectives and even more, in the formulated development intentions on medium term for an entire territory. The collection of facts and observations about the current state and the developments in the field of Research, Development and Innovation are compared to the real expectations and the development intentions of the local rural actors. The measure of the gap between the nationally programmed instruments and the real developments in agriculture and rural economy indicates the fitness level of the top-down programming approach.

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Sălășan, Cosmin, Sebastian Moisa, Ioana M. Bălan, and Carmen Dumitrescu. 2018. “General Innovation Framework and the Innovation Expectations of Rural Actors”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 6 (1-2):156-61.

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