Evaluation of Rural Tourism in Berettyóújfalu District

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Anett Godáné Sőrés
Éva Katalin Kovács
Bernadett Szabó
Katalin Vargáné Csobán


Tourism and – in the countryside – rural tourism can fulfill an essential role in the economy and in rural development. The strengthening and diversification of the economic base of the countryside cannot be viewed as sufficient on its own; there can be a need for the development of the activities which use local means with the diversification and variegation of those activities. The implementation of diversification, production, processing, and marketing of folk-like goods, linking agriculture to tourism can contribute to the economy and to the increase of the region-carrying power of the given population. In our study, we examined the tourism of the district of Berettyóújfalu. We found out that the possibilities for tourism in the district of Berettyóújfalu are less known and the seasonal fluctuation connecting to programs means a particular problem. Helping the information flow, organizing and popularization of traditional and rural-like programs, tasting of local foods and creating program packages can result in a more balanced season and can provide a more reliable source of income for the hosts of the rural district

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Godáné Sőrés, Anett, Éva Katalin Kovács, Bernadett Szabó, and Katalin Vargáné Csobán. 2018. “Evaluation of Rural Tourism in Berettyóújfalu District”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 6 (1-2):168-75. https://doi.org/10.14232/rard.2017.1-2.168-175.