Business Success in Perception of Polish and Romanian Farmers

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Cosmina-Simona Toader
Małgorzata Zajdel
Małgorzata Michalcewicz-Kaniowska
Andrea Ana Feher


A business represents the organized effort of a group of individuals who seek to obtain and market goods and services that meet the demands of society in order to make a profit. Agricultural business are unique in that they requires the application of a specific set of principles and concepts.

Business success has different dimensions, some business owners associate success with financial rewards, while others can define success as satisfaction and completion. In the present article authors want to reveal the perception of Polish and Romanian farmers regarding business success.  The perception of farmers regarding business success is emphasized by a study based on a quantitative method. Data were collected through a survey, using as research instrument a questionnaire. The research methodology involved: questionnaire design, questionnaire testing, application the questionnaire, analysis and interpretation of data and drawing conclusions. The survey was made using the application provided by Google (Google Forms), questionnaires were filled online. The questionnaire, was applied among farmers from 2 countries, all respondents manage small and medium sized farms. More precise, authors want to reveal what means success for farmers, which are the factors that determines success in their opinion, what do they do to obtain success in their business

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Toader, Cosmina-Simona, Małgorzata Zajdel, Małgorzata Michalcewicz-Kaniowska, and Andrea Ana Feher. 2021. “Business Success in Perception of Polish and Romanian Farmers”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 10 (1-2):150-55.

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