Ecology and landscape management examinations in Hungarian grasslands

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Árpád Ferencz
Márta Nótári
Tímea Kiss


Coenological relevés were already prepared in 1997 on the sandy pastures of Hungary which we repeated in 2005 and 2012. The examinations primarily examined that whether any changes happened in vegetation during test period or not. Our aim was to determine: - if any changes happened, what kind of direction did these modify the face of the original vegetation. - how did it influence the combination of species and how they changed the dominance relations in the associations. Considerable deterioration between the examinations on the areas cannot be experienced under the examined time. Nevertheless, choosing the appropriate treatment and the correct size of grazing livestock, preservation of the natural conditions is possible on both sites.

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Ferencz, Árpád, Márta Nótári, and Tímea Kiss. 2013. “Ecology and Landscape Management Examinations in Hungarian Grasslands”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 2 (2):587-92.