Presence and role of miner mentality in settlement development of Recsk

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Franciska Gubacsi


Recsk became central in the non-ferrous metal mining of the Mátra hill. The change of regime in Hungary and shutdown of the ore mine had a lot of negative impacts on social and economic sectors. Unemployment is high in this area and there are only a few profitable companies. The mining had affected significantly on community spirit. Nowadays mining is very uncertain development opportunity in the life of the settlement.

In my recent study I strive to explore new ways and chances, which clearly point to the complexity of the situation. I used several research methods of social sciences. In my study I compare the concept of miner spirit before deterioration of mining, its presence and role in the settlement development.

I formulated a few preliminary assumptions. The mining spirit has less prominent force in community shaping. According to changing social environments, future visions of the settlement and community have been transformed.

Recsk is located at Northern Hungary, Heves County, Pétervására small region. In my study I made practical and complex surveys (individual and focus group interviews, widespread questionnaire examination, calculations, field trips, overview of professional studies)

Changes generated negative economic and social situations, but Recsk has important role in the neighbourhood. The interviews also confirmed deep social and existensial crisis in the life of people. The mining such as future potential possibility is far from younger age group. The mining spirit still lives by the traditions of the village. Based on my variance and other calculations, experience, binding to the settlement had a positive result, but it is not in relationship with miner spirit in the local community.

Based on the results, the miner mentality concerned several society groups. It is necessary to stabilize community and social circumstances. Nowadays mining spirit is existing in local population, but mostly in cultural field. Recsk needs to wide community cooperation and develop its partnership interactions

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