Tourism developments in Recsk-Parád Basin

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Franciska Gubacsi


In the last two decades a lot of settlements in Recsk-Parád Basin developed by the tourism and related services. Even so other villages have completely different image. These disparate advance paths caused large-scale distinctions in life of the settlements. In my recent study I examine tourism developments in Recsk-Parád Basin. I would like to show the importance of the topic during tourism analysis of five settlements. I formulated a few preliminary assumptions. The former industrial settlements were not less able to develop their touristic sector. Due to deteoration of mining and heavy industry, the local tourism has been expanded.

Recsk-Parád Basin is located at Northern Hungary, Heves County, Pétervására small region. These settlements have been analyzed: Bodony, Parád, Mátraderecske, Recsk, Sirok. In my study I analyzed the interactions between the settlements, coordinated the economic, touristic, and social aspects. Over and above I made practical and complex analytical surveys (interviews, questionnaire examination, calculations, field trips, overview of professional studies) and data analysis work.

Tourism developed in Recsk-Parád Basin. In the last decade there are more touristic programs and events. Taking advantages of tourist attractions resulted growths in finances and number of guests. The most visited settlement is Parád, it has the most guest nights in Recsk-Parád Basin and in the small region too. The former industrial settlements have transit tourism and less income from this sector, but the castle in Sirok is very popular and results more positive returns. According to the tourist accommodation possibilities, two lines can be observed. The commercial accommodations dominated in Parád, while the private or rural hospitality has a bigger role in the other villages. Expansion of service-trade sector can strengthen the position of the settlements. There is special spa and resort area here, which needs more partnership cooperation. Common events can develop the possibilities. However these tourist settlements are in good position, but they located in a marginalized region. It plays a decisive role to stabilize their positions, find new development directions and widen their possibilities.

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