Comparative analysis of body weight and condition in two brown hare populations

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Péter Farkas István Majzinger


The condition of the populations are useful parameters for the reasonable game management. In this study the physical condition of Brown hare stocks (Lepus europaeus, Pallas 1785) was analyzed, measured body weight (BW) and determined kidney fat index (KFI). These methods were applied during our survey in the hunting period of 2014/15 and 2015/16. In total 272 (123 male and 149 female) samples were collected from two hunting areas in Great Plain (from County Békés and Jász-Nagykun Szolnok). The aim of our work was to collect data concerning the conditions of the populations. All hares was sexed and classified in 2 age groups (young <1years), and (old> 1years). The age was established by Stroh-mark in the hunting field and by dried eye lenses in the laboratory. BW and the weight of the kidney and perirenal fat was measured and the data were statistically analysed (group statistics, Levene’s test for Equality of Variances and, t-tests for Equality of Means). As a result of our examination the range of KFI was 1.25-5.14. The weight of perirenal fat was between 2-34gramm.KFI was greater in females than males. The average BW of the hares in every age groups were less than it is according to literature dates, however the conditions of the hares were good and in very good in both hunting areas. The BW and the amount of the perirenal fat in adult female hares were the greatest.

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