Some effects of nationwide small ruminant breeding project under the breeder conditions on goat flocks and their owner

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Mustafa Saatci Özkan Elmaz Aykut Asım Akbaş Özgecan Korkmaz Ağaoğlu Mehmet Sari Mahiye Özçelik Metin


The nationwide small ruminant breeding project under the breeder condition has been started in the year of 2005. The project planned to solve some of the problems related with small ruminant breeding system. Especially, to find the solution for inadequate productivity, lack of organisation, insufficient collaborations, low education, and unreliable registration system were the main parts of the mentioned project. Project planned with sub-projects according to districts and breeds. At the beginning, project started with sheep flocks, and then goats were included. Local sheep and goats associations were involved the project. Project personals were chosen and educated according to project rules. Also, meetings were organised with the selected breeders and the breeders were informed about the projects and their duties. In our region we were examined the goat flocks from the year of 2011 to at the end of 2016. During the period of the project some increases on the live weights of the animals have been detected. Also, breeders directly or indirectly had education about their job. At the end of the scheme, some of the positive effects of the project have been observed on the lives of breeders, goats, collaborations and market situations.

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