Study regarding agricultural production from Caras-Severin County

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Ioan Brad Tiberiu Iancu Remus Gherman Tabita Adamov Ana-Mariana Dincu


The present paper wishes to present objectively, through the medium of analyze, the situation of agricultural production from Caras-Severin County. Like all over the country, in Caras-Severin County it practices a subsistence agriculture, underperforming, for self-consumption. The lack of association and weak technological equipment, the large number of elderly farmers, does not allow the practice of an efficient and competitive agriculture. Even if Caras-Severin County is the third as largest on the country, in terms of agricultural area, this being only 396.915 ha, occupies only 13th place thanks to the relief mostly mountainous. From the data presented in this article it can be seen that the agricultural production of Caras-Severin County has registered an upward trend in the 2010-2013 period, after which its level decreased in the year 2014 due to the decrease of agricultural production animal and vegetable, but it can notice an increase of agricultural services in this year.

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