Analysis of Environmental Protection Expenditures and Their Influence on the Quality of the Environment

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Claudia Sîrbulescu
Luminiţa Pîrvulescu
Iasmina Iosim
Tiberiu Iancu
Ana-Mariana Dincu


The environment is an important element in ensuring working and living conditions, but the evolution of industries, especially those polluting branches, have had the effect of deteriorating the quality of the environment. Measures to protect it are becoming increasingly necessary.Environmental protection must be a priority in all aspects of our work, and we must look for ways to protect the Earth's resources for future generations.In the article we have presented an analysis of the evolution of environmental protection expenditures. Environmental protection expenditure is the economic measure of the response of the community to solve environmental problems at a given time.Companies in the national economy reserve funds for environmental protection activities. The amounts allocated differ from one sector of activity to another, but also from one year to another.The field of environmental protection is considered very important for the population. Expenditures on environmental protection involve, on the one hand, expenditures for carrying out environmental surveillance and protection activities, and, on the other hand, expenditures related to the prevention or repair of damages caused to it.It is found that the costs involved in environmental protection are greatly reduced when its degradation is prevented, compared to the situation in which it needs to be repaired.The environment must be protected not only by the requirements of European directives but also by a national program to eliminate pollution.Regarding the expenditures for environmental protection in Romania, the situation was much improved by increasing the amounts available, as a result of economic growth, but also of budget revenues.

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Sîrbulescu, Claudia, Luminiţa Pîrvulescu, Iasmina Iosim, Tiberiu Iancu, and Ana-Mariana Dincu. 2021. “Analysis of Environmental Protection Expenditures and Their Influence on the Quality of the Environment”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 10 (1-2):71-77.

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