Business Image and Strategies in Romanian Agritourism

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Iasmina Iosim
Gabriela Popescu
Anka Suba
Claudia Sirbulescu


Business image is a paramount when it comes to improve a company’s desirability as a borrower, client, customer, employer, supplier, etc. The most important strategies to build up business image are creating a website, creating straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing, designing the business image, doing a referral exchange, encouraging personal recommendations, listing creatively and widely, maintaining a customer database, maintaining good employee relations, making a marketing plan, making the business look good, naming and branding, and using the press. The paper presents the most important strategies illustrated by three Romanian agritourism guesthouses.


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Iosim, Iasmina, Gabriela Popescu, Anka Suba, and Claudia Sirbulescu. 2021. “Business Image and Strategies in Romanian Agritourism”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 10 (1-2):107-14.

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