Young farmers and sustainable development

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Zoltán István Privóczki
Csaba Borbély
Károly Bodnár


Agriculture, including land cultivation and livestock breeding, still has an important part in preserving the quality of life of the rural population in Hungary. Therefore, it is an important break-out point of the aging domestic agricultural sector to recover the willingness of "young farmers" for agricultural production. The restructuring of the agricultural society by qualifications, age, gender, and the chosen production form is still in progress at present. Thus, it is a national economic interest, and also a task to ensure a steady supply of young farmers. Farming in the spirit of sustainable development is a multi-actor field where learning imposes responsibility not only on the young farmers themselves but also on the groups continuously training them. This value-creating knowledge, work and experience are essential to be handed down from generation to generation. A spectacular growth can be achieved on the farms controlled by professionally well qualified farmers with a sustainable farming approach, thus better contribute to the development of the country. Sustainable management will not remain theoretical knowledge only, but also integrates into everyday life and will be the base of the farming business.

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Privóczki, Zoltán István, Csaba Borbély, and Károly Bodnár. 2018. “Young Farmers and Sustainable Development”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 6 (1-2):113-17.