The effect of foliar fertilization on the yield and generative factors of maize

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Péter Jakab
Gábor Zoltán
Levente Komarek


We examined the effect of different foliar fertilization products on the yield and generative factors of maize in 2015. The experiment was set in three repetitions, random blocks on the area of Tangazdaság Ltd. in Hódmezővásárely. The soil of the experiment was meadow chernozem. Soil analysis data showed that it had had good nitrogen, and very good phosphor and potassium contents. During the experiment we applied two times foliar fertilization. The year 2015 was unfavourable for com production. In 2015 the amount of precipitation in the vegetative period of com was lower by 83.4 mm than the average. The average temperature showed a positive deviation compared to the average of several years. We processed the obtained data by single factor variant analysis. The yield of the control treatment was 6.39 t/ha, the yields of the foliar fertilization plots ranged between 6.5-7.5 t/ha. The foliar fertilization products increased the yield of com, but this difference was not significant. By the application of foliar fertilization the generative factors of com did not change significantly.

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Jakab, Péter, Gábor Zoltán, and Levente Komarek. 2016. “The Effect of Foliar Fertilization on the Yield and Generative Factors of Maize”. Review on Agriculture and Rural Development 5 (1-2):158-61.

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